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I haven't, but from what I understand, based on some of the cynical reviews and summaries I've read, it's essentially THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, just without Andy Griffith... and apparently an Italian family that moved to Mayberry? I mean, I heard that the producers or the network (whichever) wanted to keep the show going, but Andy opted not to renew his contract for realsies this time (as opposed to changing his mind after Season Five), so they just went ahead and kept doing the show without him and changed the title. That's what I've gathered, I could be completely wrong, I just don't know.

I do know that the series finale of TAGS was the pilot for MAYBERRY, R.F.D., but then again, TV shows did that quite often back then... the series finale of GREEN ACRES was intended to be the pilot for a spinoff series about Oliver's former secretary from his old New York law practice (who was just as ditzy and absent-minded as Lisa), but that was when that Rural Purge happened, so that series never materialized.